leak detectives, experts at apprehending leaks!

Leak Detectives provides swimming pool leak detection services to the private home owner, the homeowners' association, property managers, public and private pools throughout the Greater Sacramento areas.

Leak Detectives use specialized equipment, tests and techniques proven most effective in diagnosing and locating any type of pool leak.

  • Family owned and operated since 2004 (No Employees)
  • We will find your pool leak! Guaranteed! *
  • Dedicated to providing the best customer experience!
  • Full Service Repairs (as they relate to leaks)
  • 15 years experience detecting leaks in pools and spas
  • California State Contractors License #827344
  • Fully Insured
  • Up-to-date electronic locating equipment and technologies
  • Residential and Commercial leak detection

Leak Detectives is the preferred company to not only find your swimming pool leak but to repair your pool as well! Throughout the years, we've maintained a high reputation.

How Leaks Are Found - CLICK HERE

*Please call for more details.